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Get Mad, Bad
The community has closed this channel due to terms of service violations Rip Fleishstream
I'll believe that when I see you to someone jaamaw
might come back to ps2 in a month or so- depends on content release
Damn, do I really need to get back into EVE?
#Uninstall @DAnial
I'm solo ps2 now BYE!!! :sick:

DA/NNG Hossin Video

[DA] Ender aAFK Scrub posted Jun 28, 14
[DA] KanyaDT Me in turquoise at 0.37
[DA] Fleischwolf I think I saw my prowler...

Sundy Bros

[DA] Ender aAFK Scrub posted May 2, 14
"[DA] vs. [FCRW] Sundy Bros"

In round 1 of CommunityClash Season 1 DA will face DPSO on the Indar Lane, March 19th, 8:00 CST.

[DA] Recruitment Freeze

[DA] Ender aAFK Scrub posted Jan 25, 14
As of 1/24 DA is freezing all recruitment for the foreseeable near future.  Recently we've taken on a fair amount of new recruits, trials, and facilitated a merge with most of the QRY guys.  Due to this, DA needs some time collect itself and solidify it's community as we accept our new members and get everyone up to speed.  

NC Weapons - Nanite Systems Comics

[DA] Ender aAFK Scrub posted Nov 4, 13
All credit goes to kogoros on the ps2 forums and reddit, his previous NS comics can be found at his Image Gallery.

[DA] Cheeseroller Just saw this post again, this is what it'll be like once the NS shotguns go live
Kartoffel http://imgur.com/a/ejNDf#2
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