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PTS Construction Patch

By [DA] Ender a - Posted Jan 30, 16

Construction Changes

  • The performance saving features have been temporarily disabled in favor to more functionality with this build; don’t be alarmed if objects pop in and out of view or if performance is adversely affected. We will re-enable the performance features in later pts updates once the bugs have been ironed out.
  • Construction deployment restrictions are only in place on Amerish - please restrict testing to that continent, or at the very least, don't report any bugs that stem from the system due to it not playing nice with the other continents
  • There are a lot of early prototypes and placeholders here; there’s still a lot of work to get this all ready for live. The goal of releasing in this state is to both find bugs and to give players a better idea of the direction we are going with this and hopefully fuel more community discussion and feedback.

New dynamic placement system for construction objects has been implemented; this allows players more freedom when placing objects.


  • Mouse 1 = Rotate counter-clockwise
  • Mouse 2 = Rotate clockwise
  • Mouse Up/Down = Move object Up/Down with view
  • Hold Mouse 1 + Hold Mouse 2 + Move mouse Up/Down = Increase/Decrease range
  • Hold Ctrl + Mouse 1/2 = slower rotation
  • E = Place Object

New and Unlocked Construction Objects

  • Deployed Spear Phalanx: Anti-Vehicle Phalanx turret
  • Deployed AA Phalanx: Anti-Air Phalanx turret
  • Deployed AI Phalanx: Anti-Infantry Phalanx turret
  • Decon Tool (Changed from Upgrade Tool): Deployable Decon Tool is used to quickly deconstruct construction objects you or any of your squad members have placed; it can also be used to deconstruct any construction object within the sphere of influence of a VP Generator you or your squad members own.
  • Structure Shield (Not available on this build): Applies one way shields to structure windows to help protect the defenders inside.
  • Repair module: Repairs over time and maintains construction objects.
  • Turret AI Module: Applies AI to any constructed turrets, allowing them to acquire targets and fire on them without being manned.
  • Rampart Wall: Constructs a large, fortified wall with firing areas for infantry.
  • Drop Grid Emitter (Not available on this build): Creates a laser grid overhead that will do severe damage to any enemy infantry that pass through it.
  • Projectile Shield Emitter: Creates a shield that protects against aerial bombardment, but does not have vehicle or player collision.
  • Bunker: Fortified bunker with firing areas for infantry.

New Ant Skills

  • Fire Suppression
  • IR Smoke
  • Scout Radar
  • ANT Resource Turbo: Turbo Boost for the ant that burns collected resources as fuel (Yes, it’s stupid op in the air right now..Yes, I said “in the air”…No, it’s not going to stay this way…Have fun ;P)
  • Resource Cloak: Allows you to cloak the ANT at the cost of collected resources.
  • Resource Radar (Not functional on this build): Acts like engagement radar for resource crystals; the location and range of any crystals within range will be displayed on your HUD.
  • Resource Shield: Grants a Vanguard-like vehicle shield to the ant at the cost of collected resources; the shield can be toggled on/off at will provided you have the resources to power it.


  • Mine Guard
  • Nanite Auto Repair System
  • Reinforced Armor
  • Vehicle Stealth


  • Racer High Speed Chassis
  • Rival Combat Chassis

Known Issues

  • Module models are placeholders.
  • Sometimes objects cannot be placed in legitimate locations due to a known line of sight bug.
  • The build effects on some construction items aren't tuned yet - this may cause some items to be invisible for a few moments when placed but still in the process of building.
  • Stat UI on items obtained through the ANT terminal is placeholder.
  • The 4th seat in the ANT can't be entered.
  • VP generators do not contribute to Victory Points.
  • Decals and Camos can't be equipped on the ANT.

Indar Changes

Canyons Warpgate

  • Lightened the vertex coloring on the roads to better highlight where to drive.

Small Outposts:

  • Abandoned NS Offices – Removed outpost from the Lattice. Moved the buildings about 200m east and added an additional road around it.
  • NS Secure Datalab – Added Sunderer Garage, increased spawn room area defensibility, severed Vanu Archives link.
  • NS Research Labs – Removed outpost from Lattice. Peris Field tower will now link to Vanu Archives, with an Outpost Garage replacing NS Research Labs approximately 200m to the northwest.
  • Galaxy Solar Plant – Upgraded spawn room to Barracks. Replaced CyA cap point building with new BldgP. Added a Sunderer Garage for attackers, as well as an extra road that properly reflects the lattice connection with Ceres Hydroponics.
  • The Palisade – Lowered height of the Palisade’s plateau as well as its static AV turrets. Added Sunderer Garages. Upgraded spawn room to Barracks and removed the SCU. Added 1-way jump-down platform allowing defenders to better access to cap point from pedestrian bridge. Lowered height of high road leading to Crimson Bluff.
  • Red Ridge Communications – Removed outpost from Lattice. Added Outpost Garage on opposite side of road. Reduced grade of road from Tawrich Recycling to Scarred Mesa slightly.
  • The Old Stockpile – Upgraded spawn room to Barracks + aligned it with lattice. Added Sunderer Garages and improved the attacker’s approach from Feldspar Canyon.
  • NS Refinery – Upgraded spawn room to barracks. Replaced CyA cap point building with BldgP. Added Sunderer Garage and adjusted flow in core of base. Removed teleporter in Med-Wing building.
  • Scarred Mesa Skydock – Upgraded spawn room to barracks. Lowered height of mesa significantly. Entrances are now accessible primarily by foot. Moved Veh Term up onto Scarred Mesa. Added Sunderer Garages and battlefield cover.

Large Outposts:

  • Camp Waterson – Aligned spawn room with Lattice and moved it to the back. Moved shooting range cap point to old spawn location. Reduced number of AV turrets. Added Sunderer Garage and additional cover in battlefield.
  • Regent Rock Garrison – Moved Cap Point out of Tower into nearby BldgP. Added Sunderer Garages. Added additional road + routes when attacking base.

Facilities & Facility Satellites:

  • Tawrich Depot – Adjusted spawn room platform, vehicle spawn and added additional cover. Should be easier to defend the base now.
  • Tawrich Recycling – Switched positions of spawn room and generator building. Added better Sunderer cover at entrances to outpost from both sides.
  • Mao Watchtower – Aligned base with lattice & roads, new cap point BldgO, Sunderer Garages and extra roads.
  • Peris Amp Station – Added Sunderer Garage to eastern side of base.
  • Peris Eastern Grove – Revamped base entirely expanding on original concept/feel. Moved spawn room to back side of base and added Sunderer Garages, improved under-truss service bridge to Peris.
  • Peris Field Tower – Added Sunderer cover, added additional cover and buildings.


  • Map drawing enabled: Squad and platoon leaders can now use a variety of tools to draw on the world map

Bug Fixes

  • ANT can now be damaged by explosives.
  • Flaming skulls spots no longer show up in first person.
  • Harasser Pincer bumper and Raider Dozer bumper are graphically the same.
  • Twin Tyre Tires are graphically placed under the card instead on the axels.

Known Issues:

  • Vanu Archives – Currently in pieces, will return in one functional piece come Indar Updates Pt. 3
  • Crimson Bluff Tower – Still some floating buildings on the northern side of the base.
  • Indar Map/Minimap – Still using the Live version of Indar’s map. Will be updated for Indar Updates Pt. 3

Special Request

  • We have reason to believe the invulnerability bug may show up again, it would be extremely helpful if players took the time to try and break Sunderer Cloak cloaking and/or become invulnerable then use /bug to report it if it happens.
  • Remember to use /bug to report any bugs
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