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Who are we?

[DA] is an Elite Quick-Response outfit formed in Planetside 1.   In Planetside 2 DasAnfall plays on the MATTHERSON server and has positioned itself to be one of the premier competitive outfits in the game to date.  We continue to build on our amazing player base and reinforce our already talented community of individuals.  

DasAnfall recruitment is slow, but it's because we truly want to know and trust each and every player joining our community.  This creates a gaming experience that once sampled,is hard to forget about.  It only leaves you wanting more.  We like winning, and we want to keep adding other members to our community that share similar mindsets.

DasAnfall is not limited to just Planetside either.  We are a multi-gaming outfit and the range is pretty broad.  Recent games include: BF4, FFXIV Beta, Starcraft.  Our primary focus is in Planetside right now, but as most nerds, we like our variety too.



     [DA] DasAnfall is fairly laid-back and casual when we aren't running ops.  When we are running ops we're on point and kicking ass.  Some call this trying too hard, some call it silly, we call it extremely awesome. 

     Planetside 2 is currently a game that highly favors mass numbers. Acknowledging this, I REFUSE to mass/zerg recruit new players.  I take pride in knowing each DA member and knowing exactly what they're capable of and where they need to improve. DA strives to field skilled autonomous players that can act for themselves at a moments notice, and at the same time contribute to a Squad/Platoon's synergy. We have each other's backs. We've already seen a good amount of success with this mentality, but our quick reaction force from Planetside 1 - capable of re-securing bases at the last second, responding to any new continental threat in under a minute, and locking-down an area against superior numbers, needs more quality players.   Unanimous Individual Competence + Speed + Coordination = DA Hate Tells

     Recruitment is always open to intelligent players that demonstrate the ability to learn/adapt/communicate. We don't care how good you are initially (well, we do a little), we can teach you most of the necessary skills and help you on your way to getting those Dominations. If you enjoy shooters, tactics, teamwork, and don't want to be overwhelmed by zergfit stress, submit an application, jump on our forums, or get a hold of Ender31, Bunnehkilla, Vonic,  Mpal, Indiv, or ShiftyEyes in game.

Recruitment Information

Recruitment is currently closed until further notice. Effective 1/24/2014

Submitting an application is how most should apply to DA. Usually new members are added because they're friends of a current member or we take interest in a player in-game and actively pursue them. I lead squads nightly and get to see a lot of player's in-game as well so it isn't terribly hard to track me down. I prefer recruits to use our websites application form, but am open to receiving messages in-game as well (I will ask you to submit an app, guaranteed). 

    Every DA member weighs in on an application and it is a group decision.  We want to pick up as many talented players as we can, but there is a large degree of "community" that goes into our recruitment as well.  Do you mesh well with us on TS?  This basically boils down to.... a "no" or two will usually end up getting the application dropped.  This doesn't have any other hidden meaning other than we don't think you will be a good fit for us.

    We want to add competent players to our community that will help us compete in Planetside 2's MLG arena when it comes around.  We primarily operate on the ground with many of us more than capable at playing several classes.  We're currently the 4th most experienced outfit across all servers as far as experience per player goes.  We are 2nd only to NUC as far as experience and over 48 members (platoon size).  This means we have certs... we have a lot of certs, and we want to use those certs to help everyone else in DA.  Although DA's bread and butter is the ground game (infantry vs. combined arms) this isn't to say we are lacking in the armor/air game.  We have some very skilled pilots and we'll train whoever wants to venture into the air (TGWW/QRY runs on our server, if you don't have the desire to be a top pilot you will not last more than a few seconds in Mattherson's skies).  

Official DasAnfall Recruitment Details:

  • TeamSpeak 3 is REQUIRED. Microphone is HIGHLY recommended. Communication is a DA core competency.

  • Register on the forums and log in every now and then, daily log-on's are preffered but by no means required.

  • Don't be a douchebag on comms.  The other faction probably isn't OP, that player probably isn't hacking, and your mouth is still flapping. Tying up comms with needless information when a squad is up is a HUGE pet peeve for all of us. It does happen, but it needs to be minimized when there are clear objectives.

  • BR 50 + is REQUIRED. Extreme exceptional situations may be accommodated. If you are not BR 50, have potential, and still want to run with DA you will be placed in DasAnfall AAA Outfit until BR 50 condition is met.

  • minimum amount of time will be spent in DasAnfall AAA for aspiring recruits. This isn't a judgement of skill or your ability to contribute. This is the minimum time needed for a majority of DA members to get to know you and for you to get comfortable with us. DA does not have cliques or niches, this helps ensure that our TS atmosphere isn't poisoned and remains a friendly and productive place to play Planetside 2.

    • Your recruitment period will give us a chance to help you excel as a player and you to become accustomed to the way we do things. Many times good players can become great with a few adjustments. Our average member's Battle Rank is 73 (We have 5 BR100's and 2 hitting 100 this week @ 50 total members), this means we've played the game a lot and have learned a few tricks/little known facts here and there.

  • You must be active. Active means logging on frequently and playing any given week, if you cannot do this for whatever reason (real life happens) you will be placed in DasAnfall AAA until you're able to play again. After 2 weeks of inactivity we'll get a hold of you if we can (you should be registered on our forums), 3 weeks to a month with no notification is an automatic boot. We're small and when people log on they want to run with a competent squad, inactive or afk players have a temporary spot in DasAnfall AAA.

  • K/D and SPM are valued, but they are NOT all important. Many times the most critical component to any battle is that support player that always comes through when things look grim (clutch revives). The medic running a 2.0 K/D as opposed to the medic running a .5 K/D is probably staying alive longer to revive more players. SPM is a measure of how much you've contributed to your empire and while boosts effect this someone with a 43 SPM probably isn't doing much more than providing a meat shield and shooting friendlies in the back.

  • We expect a lot, but we have a lot of fun doing it. Improving yourself as a player is one of the best ways to increase the amount of fun you have in game. If you're struggling there's probably a reason, be proactive and ask someone for advice. We all have something we could improve, DA members should have a desire to improve themselves constantly.

  • Membership for [DA] DasAnfall is going to be soft-capped at 80 members. We're currently at 63. We feel that if our player base is active then there's no need for excessive numbers. Mass user single TS channels give me a heart attack. DA does not zerg, if we can't accomplish something with 2-4 squads then we need to re-evaluate our methods or location.

     Below are several UNEDITED gameplay videos of DA in action.  Many outfits talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?  We are without a doubt, hands down, the fastest moving outfit on Mattherson and probably elsewhere too. DasAnfall has the unique ability to move every single member across the map within a minute, usually less.  Every outfit is capable of this, few can execute it.  See video (s) below.