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[DA] Recruitment Freeze

[DA] Ender a posted Jan 25, 14
As of 1/24 DA is freezing all recruitment for the foreseeable near future.  Recently we've taken on a fair amount of new recruits, trials, and facilitated a merge with most of the QRY guys.  Due to this, DA needs some time collect itself and solidify it's community as we accept our new members and get everyone up to speed.  
All credit goes to kogoros on the ps2 forums and reddit, his previous NS comics can be found at his Image Gallery.

Cheeseroller Just saw this post again, this is what it'll be like once the NS shotguns go live
Looks like GOON added almost 100 members, NNG has trimmed up quite a bit as well.

[DA] Zugie tag Betcha AOD's TS is full. 3.6 k members... sounds like a close knit group.
[DA] Ender a Oh yeah, and AOD has 3,600 members lol

[DA] Movin on up

[DA] Ender a posted Sep 11, 13
Sure DA cheats the xp/member leaderboards because of our small size.  How about this stat then, overall total xp as an outfit on Mattherson?

[DA] Fleischwolf GOTR's score is respectable when compared to the other outfits.
[DA] Goodkitty That KDR is always rising too
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