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DasAnfall  -  DasAnfall Outfit
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Who are we?

We are an Elite Quick-Response outfit from Planetside 1. We are currently carving out a similar role in the Planetside 2 universe while building upon our current member base. We will be attempting to form an MLG team after details are released and solidified.

We're fairly laid-back during off hours but we're ALWAYS recruiting additional intelligent players. Planetside 2 is currently a game that highly favors mass numbers. Acknowledging this, I REFUSE to mass/zerg recruit new players. I take pride in knowing each of my members and knowing exactly what they're capable of and where they need to improve. My goal is to run with 24+, < 70, skilled autonomous players that can act for themselves at a moments notice, and at the same time contribute to a Squad/Platoon's synergy. We have each other's backs. We've already seen a good amount of success with this mentality, but our quick reaction force from Planetside 1 - capable of re-securing bases at the last second, responding to any new continental threat in under a minute, and locking-down an area against superior numbers, needs more quality players. Quality + Quantity + Quickness = Win

Below are several UNEDITED gameplay videos of DA in action (Official About Us Page). Many outfits talk the talk, but can they walk the walk? We are without a doubt, hands down, the fastest moving outfit on Mattherson and probably elsewhere too. DasAnfall has the unique ability to move every single member across the map within a minute, usually less. Every outfit is capable of this, few can execute it. See video (s) below.

Recruitment is always open to intelligent players with the ability learn/adapt/communicate. We don't care how good you are initially (well, we do a little), we can teach you all the necessary skills and help you on your way to getting those kill streaks. If you enjoy shooters, tactics, teamwork, and don't want to be overwhelmed by zergfit numbers, submit an application, jump on our forums, or get a hold of Ender31, Imij, Rynan, Wraithrage, Bunnehkilla, or Mpal in game.